Do the Math   
  This series of worksheet calculations provides access to the energy dynamics facing our world in light of oil depletion. It is impossible to make sense of energy policy without doing the math. Rhetoric may help to focus attention on the challenges we face, but to discern between fact and fiction, junk science and honesty, thermodynamics and economics, do the math.
   Title   Description 
   Geography ~ Forests   To size up the potential of biomass, it helps to understand the limits. 
   Daily Sun ~ All Oil   Compares the energy in one day of sunlight to the ultimate amount of conventional oil 
   Paved Area   How much land is paved? How much energy could be captured by covering all paved land with solar panels? 
   PV & Photosynthesis   Comparing Photosynthesis and Photovoltaics 
   Switchgrass   How much energy could be captured by planting all cultivated land in the USA with switchgrass, a high-yield plant? 
   Conversions   constants used in making conversions between different units of measure 
   DoTheMath.xls   This file as Excel spreadsheet