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International Workshop on Oil Depletion, May 23-25 in Sweden
by Ron Swenson
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•• March 16, 2002 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Uppsala, Sweden, May 23-25, 2002
Organised by Uppsala University and ASPO,the Association for the Study of Peak Oil

Home page for the workshop:

Invited speakers:
Oil and Gas Production Forecast Update 2001 by Colin J. Campbell, Ireland (ODAC)
US energy policy by Matt Simmons, Houston, USA
Can Russia replace OPEC for Europe? by Ray C. Leonard, Yukos Oil, Moscow, Russia
Middle East view of the oil situation by Ali Bakhtiari, Iran.
The Geological Origins of Oil and Gas by Colin J. Campbell, Irland (ODAC)
Reporting practice and analytical methods by Jean H. Laherrere, France
Past oil forecasts, and the "Limits to Growth" message by Roger W. Bentley, UK (ODAC)
Impact of oil depletion in Sweden, Gunnar Agfors, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering
Role of Alaska in meeting US supply and impact of technology in Alaska by Jeremy Gilbert, Irland
Russian gas or gas from the North Sea - by Peter Gerling (BGR), Germany
Technical Developments for Alternative Energy by Mats Leijon, Uppsala, Sweden
The politics of oil depletion by Jean-Marie Bourdaire (World Energy Council), France
Raising awareness of the issue by Sara Astor, London, UK
New economic principles to respect the enviroment by Richard Douthwaite
Climate Change and Oil Depletion by by Rui Rosa (Evora University), Portugal
Kyoto and an Oil Depletion Protocol by by Jurgen Lefevre (FIELD), UK
Impact of Oil Depletion on Europe by Susanne Peters, Giessen University, Germany.
Summary by Kjell Aleklett, Uppsala, Sweden

The workshop is open for additional contributions.
Abstracts on contributions can be sent to Kjell Aleklett.

Organizing Committee:
Prof. K. Aleklett, Uppsala, Sweden, chairman
Dr. R.W.Bentley, London, U. K.
Dr. C. J. Campbell, Cork, Ireland
Dr. Klaus Illum, Denmark
Prof. S. Kullander, Uppsala, Sweden
Prof. M. Leijon, Uppsala, Sweden

ASPO Representatives (advisory committee):
Dr H. Fechner, Austria, Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal Ges.m.b.H.
Dr Prof. F-W Wellmer, Germany, Bundesanstalt fur Geowischenshaften und Rorstof
Prof W. Blendinger, Germany Clausthal University
Dr W. Zittel, Germany, L-B Systemstechnik
Dr C. Sage, Ireland, University College, Cork
Mr O. Kristiansen, Norway, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Mr J. Karlsen, Norway, Rogaland Research, Prof. R Rosa, Portugal Geophysical Centre, Evora University
Prof. M.Coleman United Kingdom, University of Reading

The workshop is sponsored by:
The Swedish Energy Agency
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering
Stena AB
Uppsala city
Uppsala University

Registration form: (go to

The Workshop has been organised to address the impact of resource constraints and natural depletion on the global supply of oil, one of Europe 's most critical energy sources.

The Workshop will examine geological mechanisms of oil generation, the processes of extraction, and the nature of depletion as imposed by reservoir physics.

The workshop will address also the unreliable nature of public data on oil reserves, the record of past oil forecasts, and the misunderstanding of the 'Limits to Growth' message of the 1970s. It will question the ability of conventional economics to handle a rapidly depleting resource, and draw attention to the impact of oil's decline on Europe's economic situation. It will ask why governments are not better informed, and why they fail to make appropriate preparations to ease the impact of the transition from growing to declining oil supply, which is likely to be a major historical discontinuity.

The Workshop will conclude with recommendations for remedying past failures in understanding the issue, and with proposals for improving the database, and for working towards a new system for managing oil depletion, a subject too serious to be left to market forces, or the sole interests of producer countries.

In short, the Workshop aims to address one of the critical near-term issues affecting Mankind.

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